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Buckle Up Tight and Strap on the Helmet!

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To all who have responded so far, Thanks for the pep talk. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I'm still getting used to having replies under the blogs. I can be slow like that sometimes. Thomas, I'll pass your comments along to my daughter. She's currently in a lull between courses - the semesters run a little differently over here. I gotta hand it to her, she's got balancing a full social life and her studies down to a fine art. She's having plenty of fun and getting good grades too. What more could a doting mother ask for? She has worked hard and deserves her year in the sun. I got her hopes us yesterday about the house, but I've left her in blissful ignorance about what happened today (see my next blog). I'm saying no more about houses to her until I've got a lease and a set of keys in my hot little hand. Hi Rob, I'm hoping the stress-monster isn't eating up my CD4s like M&Ms. I'm hoping to find out tomorrow what my last draw turned up. Finger's crossed they've shot back up and that would be one less thing I have to worry about for now. Normally I wait the six weeks before getting my results, but under the circumstances I try for them over the phone. And LOL... I'll make sure the boxes are well taped. The less stress in my life right now, the better, and a busted-open moving box is a real hair-puller-outer. Rodney... I'm missing being online too - but my mind is of a consistency resembling day-old oatmeal porridge at the moment. Once I've got some stability back under me, I'll be posting again. I'll have a lot of catching up to do! hehehehe... Robert. Leave it to you to think of off-label uses for firemen. I think the guys from the housing authority's works yard may be helping with some of the move - the big stuff at least and hopefully some books too. Now if I only knew where I was moving too.... I'm sure my daughter will LOVE California. The culture shock should be minimal - after all her mum's a Yank! The main cultural shock will be the alcohol age restrictions. She's been going to the pubs since she was only 16. They turn a blind eye to it around here (legal age is 18), as long as they behave and don't get off their heads. As a result, she's learned to drink responsibly. She'll turn 21 in her second semester over there though, so she'll be happy about that and is already trying to organise her Rock mates to meet up over there for a combined 21st bash. She may be in SF around Christmas, maybe she could meet you for coffee in Red Bluff. Hey Dingo darlin, good to hear from you. I'm looking forward to an update on your own move. House moving is way up in the top five major life stresses and I think we will both deserve a break after we're moved in. Alex sweetie, wish for a smooth transition a little harder mate! Please! It's not going so well at the moment - you'll have to read my latest entry to understand why. Thanks for the energy you've been sending though, it really does help. I think I would have been a basket case (well, would have been one sooner) if it weren't for all the support I've relieved here. Thank you for reading Dr. Jose. I don't know who you are, but thank you all the same for your good wishes and kind words. Much appreciated. Hugs, Ann xxx

January 25, 2007

Dr. Jose Vargas Vidot

Good luck, y bendiciones a tu hija I wish that the new house will met your deepest expectations. Your numbers will sustain your dreams. God bless you (from Puerto Rico)

January 25, 2007


Glad you see the silver linings! Your body did you good for many years honey - Maybe atripla not being ok'ed there is a blessing - Y'know me, always saying everything happens for a reason. I send you well-wishes for a smooth move Ann and yay to having a new place with a kitchen... 3 cheers for new adventures and new culinary delights ;)

January 22, 2007


Good luck and Godspeed to a new abode. I can say I truly understand. PS: Congrats on your daughters selection of Long Beach. She'll love California.

January 21, 2007

robert in redbluff

Well, it all sounds good to me. Maybe you can get a few of those hunky firemen to help you move. After all, it's their idea, right? And they want you out NOW!~!~~!!. Glad you daughter decided on Long Beach. She'll have a great time. Possible culture shock, though. She had better ease her way down that road. And don't worry about the numbers yet. I bet they don't go any lower. It sounds like all the signs came together (t-cells, VL, fireman, daughter, partner, housing authority) to get you to move and now that you're doing it, things will go back to normal (well, nearly normal) robert in redbluff

January 21, 2007

Rodney Haines

Ann, congradulations. I knew you needed a better place when you told me how you heated it. I've always hated moving and I even worse I hate to unpack. Wishing you all the best on your move and hurry up and get you ass back online. Rodney

January 20, 2007


You numbers still aren't too bad, kiddo, although I wish that damn trend would show one CD4 count above the previous. I always preferred my CD4s to go down and up and up and down ad nauseum until my stroll down Meds Ave. began. I don't envy you over the short-term but am bilious with envy you're moving into a new house! I'm sure the fire marshall would condemn my house but I still have 24 years left on the mortgage... Good luck with the move and remember to tape the bottoms of the book boxes. And your LP collection. Take care! Rob

January 20, 2007


Ann, Sorry to hear of the downward trend with your numbers. I am, however, happy with the positive outlook you have about the meds. If this scaredy cat(me) could pull it off, I know you can. Well if an eviction could ever be considered positive I guess this is it. I hope it all goes as smooth as possible. If your daughter has half the strength, courage, and determination you have she will definitely do well at the University of California. While I know you will miss her I know she will do her mama proud, although I am sure she already has. Ann, your calm attitude has extinguished a burning fire inside me at times and for that I am in debt to you. Please keep being you and doing what you do, because you are appreciated. Thomas

January 20, 2007


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