Remember how I got sick and had to miss our World AIDS Day talk last December?  It’s okay if you don’t.  Well, on Tuesday night we made up that failed date, speaking at Cal State University San Marcos to recognize National Condom Day.  We got out of Virginia just before another snowstorm hit, driving to the Richmond airport at 2 am in the morning... hardcore!

After a cross country flight and two-hour drive, we had a nice long nap in the hotel before heading a few short blocks down the street to the school.  Unfortunately, we’d brought heavy rainfall to San Marcos- which stunk because it definitely kept some students from coming to our talk since it’s a commuter school.  Still, I was more than happy with the turnout, and was deeply impressed by the great set-up, which included enough lube to keep King Kong satisfied and tons of information in the form of handouts and detailed charts about condom usage.

Cathy, pictured at the far bottom left of the above photo, is the health educator on campus who was so great in rescheduling the talk.  Turns out she not only has a passion for sex education; she’s also a handbag aficionado. Check out this video I shot for her web site,, featuring Gwenn.  (We were at Pizza Nova after the talk, goofing off.)

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