Thank you for all the great feedback you’ve provided since we relaunched POZ Personals in early 2018. As we start a new year, we wanted to share some updates and new features we’ve added over the past few months. The changes are all the result of member suggestions and requests, so please keep your comments coming as we continue to work on more new features in 2019.

Improved Searches

Members say finding profiles that match their searches is a top priority. Makes sense to us. We’ve worked with Google maps to make sure all location information is as accurate as possible. When a city and ZIP code don’t match, we sort through the data returned to ensure the most accurate location information is assigned to your account. This not only improves your chances of appearing in other people’s searches but also guarantees your search results accurately show the members closest to you.

We added the new field "I sexually identify as" for our gay members in 2018 and almost 20 percent of members have populated the field. We tweaked the search feature to make clear it’s an optional search feature until more members add their information. You can edit your information under Basic Information under the MANAGE PROFILE section in the right-hand menu.

We were also able to identify and fix a bug with the HIV Status search option that a member reported.

Mobile Experience

As members increasingly access the site on their mobile devices, we continue to work to improve the performance. Several bugs reported by members were resolved by our tech team. We do our best to keep up with updates on both Apple and Android phones, so please continue to report any problems that arise and we will work to resolve them as quickly as possible. 

Set Your Own Log-Out Time

POZ Personals Auto Log Out Settings

For security reasons, we have set a default session time-out after 60 minutes of inactivity. But now, you can customize your session timeout based on your own security needs. You will find the setting under Account settings in the MANAGE PROFILE section of the right-hand menu.

Private Photo Email Notification Requests

When we launched Private Photos over the summer, some members got a little too excited and sent a flurry of access requests. We’ve now tied the private photo requests to the same CAPTCHA used for messages and flirts so you won’t get duplicate requests. As always, premium members can skip the CAPTCHA. 

Member Name Flexibility

As you know, when we relaunched POZ Personals we added the ability to change your member name. We’ve made some additional changes to clarify exactly which characters can and can’t be used in member names. Your name can not contain spaces and/or any special characters other than underscore (_) or hyphen (-). You will see an error message reminding you of these rules if you try to choose other special characters.

Remove Footprints

We have always offered the option of removing your footprints if you don’t want to leave them behind as you browse through POZ Personals. But did you know we recently introduced the option to remove footprints that have been left on your profile? You will see a new Remove Me option when viewing members who have left footprints on your account. 

We hope you like these changes. Please continue to email us your suggestions for improvements. POZ Personals was designed for you, and we are open to all feedback on how to make it better.