The caterpillars seem to have disappeared- just dried up, run-over guts all over the driveway and carport remain...

Kenneth’s plan totally failed and he, like hemophilia, hepatitis and HIV, has to look up at the victorious, smug grin of one Shawn Decker. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of going to see The Cure in DC on Friday night, because I find it sad that a kid diagnosed with HIV in the 80’s has never see The Cure live.

But wait... this could be a trap. Maybe Robert Smith is in on this. He did work with Ashlee Simpson recently, so it’s not a stretch to picture him scheming with Kenneth “The Caterpillar Man” Cole.

Imagine my horror if Robert said. “Now, the next song goes out to Shawn; courtesy of Mr. Cole.” The band launches into “Caterpillar Girl”, and instead of balloons falling from the ceiling, it’s thousands of caterpillars, dropping onto the unsuspecting heads of everyone in the Patriots Center.

It’s too risky. I have to stay inside until the AIDS Walk.

Oh, one thing I did venture to do was watch a very cool movie, The Orphanage, last night, thanks to the urgings of Andy of Bella Morte. (He’s an expert on spooky, and has his own horror book coming out next year.) The movie is a ghost story, beautifully shot with a storyline that is PF- Positoid Friendly. One of the main characters, a boy named “Simon”, is HIV positive.


A scene from The Orphanage... or the REAL reason why Shawn was kicked out of sixth grade?

Definitely check it out if you’re not afraid of getting spooked or reading subtitles.

Positively Yours,


orphanage2.jpgThe AIDS Walk NY is on Sunday, May 18. Click on the spooky boy to donate... Gwenn and I are so close to our goal of $2500... we’re now at $1850. Donate or you will see this little guy every night before you go to sleep.

In the NYC-area? Gwenn and I are hosting the 3rd Annual Team Supernack Fundraiser on Friday, May 16. John Oliver of the Daily Show will be there, you should be too! CLICK for TICKET info and LOCATION!