If it weren’t for the army of caterpillars outside of my door, I’d be more concerned with the Democratic Primaries today.

I’d like to devote my passion to politics, but I got my own feud to deal with. And it involves a fashion mogul and thousands of caterpillars. So great has been my concern that I didn’t realize it was Cinco de Mayo until 10:30 p.m., distracted by my paralyzing fear and that I spent all day watching this video, which takes me back to the summer after 8th grade.

After my 63rd viewing of The Cure’s “Caterpillar Girl”, I received an email from a Kenneth Cole operative: On May 15, Kenneth is having an in-store event at his Rockefellar Center store. Proceeds go to his AIDS Walk team... apparently, he doesn’t think his caterpillars will get the job done.

I’ve gotten numerous responses from people around town, who have also affected by this swarm of caterpillars. In reading their messages, I began to doubt my bold stand not to whore out in that storefront window on World AIDS Day 2006... then I remembered my rationale: that seeing a pasty white dork with AIDS make out with his wife would do more harm to the cause than good.

Since posting my shocking video, it’s been suggested that I capture all of the caterpillars, and then take them to New York and fill Kenneth Cole’s store with butterflies- a great plan! But then I thought long and hard, and came to the conclusion that Kenneth would probably just sew them onto jeans and turn a profit.

Positively Yours,


fundgoal.gifThe AIDS Walk NY- like those furry critters outside my door- is so close! And Gwenn and I are so close to our goal of $2500... we’re now at $1850! Click the bloody tube to contribute.

In the NYC area? Gwenn and I are hosting the 3rd Annual Team Supernack Fundraiser on Friday, May 16.
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