I’m very excited about the CD release show here in Charlottesville on Thursday, July 5 at the Black Market Moto Saloon, and in DC the following night on July 6 at The Velvet Lounge.  Check below for details!

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DCshow.jpgDon’t forget, you can pre-order the limited release Synthetic DIvision CD at: http://synthetic-division.com   There are less than 100 copies left after starting pre-orders last week. Big thanks to everyone who is checking out the new music. You can listen for free at the music site.

That’s the update on the music front. On the HIV front, I’m going to be speaking to teens tomorrow with Gwenn thanks to a Planned Parenthood event.  We spoke last year about healthy relationships and HIV, and had a great time imparting some important information.  I’m so thankful that our message is received with laughter and thoughtfulness.  People always laugh in the appropriate places, and my proudest accomplishment as an HIV educator is making people feel comfortable enough to do that.  I strongly believe the brain absorbs knowledge easier is the person hosting the brain is at ease.

Positively Yours,