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Charlie Sheen Shits On 30 Years of AIDS Activism

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Chris Van Nimwegen

Charlie Sheen public disclosure has put activisim in Australia back by 10 years as well. This story headlined every newspaper and glossy magazines - only preaching fear and highlighting the fact he gave it to a number of others. Giving this misleading idea that HIV is passed on by those who know their status. I did some media in my local area and people recognise know who you are and ask questions. The reference to Charlie Sheen was amazing and how others are easily by media.

February 10, 2016


I am surprised at how harsh and insensitive people are. Yes, Charlie Sheen chasing the cure is misguided and should not be aired. However, the Dr. Oz show bares responsibility for exploiting Charlie Sheen, who we know suffers from mental illness. This blog post is wrong, stigmatizing, and should be taken down. I know what its like to be consumed by the actions of others and then punished for exposing it. For someone who claims to care about people living with HIV, you sure have gone out of your way to punish someone who is struggling and needs our help.

February 2, 2016


HIV/AIDS activists did accomplish quite a bit 30 years ago. We now have clinical trials for all illnesses that compare new treatments to the best established treatment(s), a.k.a., "Standard of Care, as opposed to a sugar pill. But some of these so called "activists" "serving" not-so-selflessly on ACTG community panels fought AGAINST early treatment 10 years ago, to focus on hepatitis-B/C treatments for I.V. drug users. So, it's a "mixed bag" in terms of some of these activists who pull near six-figure salaries from public and Big Pharma grants. Please simply state what Mr. Sheen's viral load was while on standard treatment and what it was (is?) while on the so-called treatment. Let us know how long Mr. Sheen was on both treatments. Let us know if his viral load was measured by a lab independent of his so-called doctor. IF the so-called "treatment" is keeping his viral load low, for long periods of time, what does it cost? This is a very simple matter.

January 25, 2016

bathhouse blowjob

Sheen = The Man.

January 23, 2016


So much bitterness in these comments. It's this type of attitude that can turn people off from engaging in serious discussion with poz folks because there seems to be bitterness toward negative people. But it's what I've learned in dealing in this community. Too much hate and know-it-all attitude.

January 21, 2016


Thanks Mark..... As i was reading your thoughts and some of the other coverage of the CharSheen's new and improved season of ME-Me-ME show, I couldn't help but think ''BEEN THERE... DONE IT'' with a great many friends.... **** 20 yr ago****...... usually in the same year as their funerals. btw....Mexico (STILL) has no secret miracle (even 'for $ale') People who should be on TV with Charlei should be telling him to grow a pair, suck it up, and quit trying to make it all about him...,, and HIS 'new' lemony fresh 'turmoil soap' series. ............ Still Wining ??? NOT!!! .......

January 14, 2016


I think the man is just scared and ignorant. In the days just after being newly diagnosed, everyone searches for answers and may look/go for desperate measures to find a cure for themselves. I feel for Sheen. He will come around. Leave the man be.

January 14, 2016


There are some unfair comments here towards Peter Staley, even if it is true that Charlie Sheen did not sign up to be or proclaim himself an activist or spokesperson. I was diagnosed in 2013 - old enough and educated enough to know better than to have gotten it the way I did. But still I thank my lucky stars every day for the people who have been "real activists" from the time when this disease first emerged. This disease very minimally effects my life thanks to them. They are the reason we have treatments and education and awareness. If you have been living with this much longer, I don't envy you your very real right to be angry or the increased burdens of the expensive things your body has gone through in an effort to stay alive. I am thankful for you, too, because you bore the brunt that makes it easier for someone like me. But cut the writer some slack on this post. Seeing a famous face conveying nonsense to a large television audience while not doing what is known to keep him from having AIDS has to be beyond frustrating for the way-pavers. I get it.

January 14, 2016


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