The Latino Commission on AIDS hosted its 20th annual Cielo Latino fundraiser on May 11. I had the pleasure of attending.

The event was a celebration of the commission’s work, as well as a commemoration of the legacy left behind by the late Dennis deLeon, the commission’s former president.

Here’s a video I put together of the event:

During dinner, I was honored to be sitting at the same table with Bruce Kiernan, Dennis’s partner of 32 years, along with POZ founder Sean Strub and other dignitaries (and a personal dignitary, my partner).

There were many celebrities, but as a journalist I was happy to see Soledad O’Brien. She is a big supporter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and many other groups, so it was nice to see her host the evening.

The most memorable moment for me came rather early in the evening. A group of tango dancers performed in same-sex couplings. Kudos to the commission for embracing LGBT Latinos. (Watch the video for clips of the dancers.)

Click here for photos and more details about the event.