Álvaro Miguel Rivera, a prominent AIDS activist in Colombia, was found “brutally” murdered in Cali, El Espectador reports. The authorities have not revealed any suspects.

In 2001, the rebel group FARC ordered mandatory HIV testing of residents in an area they controlled. FARC also ordered that anyone testing HIV positive would have to leave the area. The FARC eventually rescinded the orders.

Death threats and other harassment in response to his involvement against the FARC on this issue eventually made Rivera flee the area to Cali. There, he became the director of a local LGBT civil rights group.

Colombia has made great strides in terms of LGBT issues. Unfortunately, it seems as if Rivera has paid the ultimate price for those advancements. A profound thank you to him and to all people around the world fighting for civil rights.

Hat tip for this story to the LGBT blog Blabbeando.