In a previous post, I shared my nervousness about an overdue colonoscopy. Thankfully, I’m polyp and cancer free. This is obviously great news to my ears, but I’m all too aware that this outcome is not the final word.

I’ve had polyps before and will most likely have them again. Add in my family history with my HIV and I’m nowhere near being off the hook for colonoscopies into the foreseeable future. Not a pretty picture.

There’s only so much medicine that a spoonful of sugar can help. If only those two quarts of MoviPrep could taste and behave more like beer, then I’d probably have a much different attitude about it all.

I know, the alternative to regular colonoscopies is the risk of waking up one day to a cancerous tumor I could have prevented. So, I’ll continue to consent to the torture, I mean simple procedure, but I won’t stop dreading it.

Click here to see this silly video on dosing instructions for MoviPrep:


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