"Coming Out Again" is a feature article I wrote for the October 2008 issue of POZ about my coming out process, first as gay and again as HIV positive. (Clic aquí para leer mi artículo en español.)

In my first blog post, I gave a few more details than space allowed in the print magazine about how the Marines told me that I was HIV positive. In future blog posts, I’ll continue revisiting certain parts of my feature article by adding more details.

org_firstgrade.jpgorg_marines.jpgFor today, I’ll let my feature article speak for itself, so to speak. However, I will indulge myself by posting two pictures that accompany my story in print.

The bow-tie photo is of me in the first grade. The other one is my official Marine Corps boot camp graduation photo.

When I see these photos, I’m reminded of my past. More importantly for me, however, is that seeing them is a reminder of how far I’ve come since then.