Over the weekend, I had the honor of officiating the wedding of my good friends Christina and Micah. Some months ago, at the coffee shop (where else?), they asked if I would do it, and they seemed surprised when I quickly said “Sure!”.

A few years ago, I’d officiated a wedding for my friends, Riki and Kawai. What’s funny is that wedding had an international flavor, since most of Kawai’s family came from Japan to witness it. Well, last weekend was similar, as Christina had a lot of family fly in from Denmark. Maybe once they cure AIDS, I can go full-time with officiating weddings. Few people can appeal to multiple cultures the way I can. All kidding aside, it was a wonderful experience. I love how the public speaking with HIV education has made things like this possible.

Last fall, I wrote how being comfortable speaking in front of people helped provide some solace to family members when I spoke at my Nanny’s (never called her “Grandmother”, because that’s what I called my other grandmother as a kid!) funeral service. But this isn’t a blog post about endings, or public speaking; it’s about Micah and Christina. My two dorky, musician friends who fell in love.

I couldn’t be happier for them.
Positively Yours,