I decided to take a break from writing about politics, but fortunately two brave females have stepped up to the forefront to discuss late-breaking matters regarding Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin.

You may remember the greatest cat on Earth, pawsitoid River (living with FIV, aka “CRID”(Cat-Related Immune Deficiency)), whom I wrote lovingly about and who is still in foster care in Connecticut looking for a good home. Nudge nudge.

riverthecat.jpgIn response to the Palin pick, My Pet Virus’s feline reporter wrote this to me: “Meeeoooowww! She wants to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Way to come up with alternative energy sources! Oh, wait, if your husband works for an oil company, why would you cut into your personal profits to save the planet? People, I have fur... are you kidding me? What’s a cat to do?”

River isn’t the only cool cat weighing in.

palinpacksheat.jpgRegan Hofmann, fellow Poz blogger, wrote. “The issue is not whether or not abstinence works to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies (it does), but whether or not it?s possible to keep people, particularly teens with raging hormones, from having sex (apparently, we can?t). Bristol is proof-positive of our nation’s failure to realize that abstinence is a farce.” Read the whole blog here.

Regan posted this alleged photo of Palin on her blog. I think it’s a fake, but I’m quite sure that if she and McCain are elected, her annual Vice Presidential Hunting Trip will draw far more interest and enthusiam than the current, hair-triggered Vice Prez.

Positively Yours,