My positoid buddy, Dab, named me his AIDS Bear Angel for April 2010. So instead of blogging about myself today, I’m going to let Dab take it away!  Click on me and the little bear, who helped raise funds at a Synthetic Division show last July, to read Dab’s very kind words.


Okay, I’ll write about myself a little... :)

Dab didn’t know it, but over the weekend I was the source of discontent among friends here in town due to how I handle myself during boardgames. I get really competitive.  I use every opportunity to psychological weaken my opponents; it’s probably the mental equivalent of how a boxer deals with having a bout against someone they like outside of the ring.  Well, due to hemophilia, I can’t get the satisfaction of bludgeoning someone with my fists, so I instead unleash my cunning in the controlled environment presented by boardgaming.

So, politically, this designation of Angel of April couldn’t have come at a better time.  Thanks so much, Dab!  Hope everyone’s week is starting off as good as mine has.

Positively Yours,
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