This Saturday I’ll be at a DC benefit for Life Guard, a group that gets condoms out there so they can do their thing.

Would love to see some of you DC-area folks there! Comedian Seaton Smith will be laying the jokedown on ya, as well as comedy troupe The Late Night Players.

I met the Late Night Players at a conference a few years ago because, like Gwenn and I, they work the college circuit. I hadn’t seen their routine, so when they asked Gwenn and I if they could bum a ride back to the hotel, I thought they were a band. Upon hearing that, they argued amongst themselves over who would be lead singer, and that’s the moment I fell in love with those guys.

So come on out, I’m doing a funny reading from My Pet Virus about my friend, the condom.

Positively Yours,

If you’re the praying type, please pray for my friend, Jordan Barnette, who was involved in an automobile accident over the weekend. All your friends are pulling for you, and I for one want to see that Borat impersonation again real soon.