So I got a very exciting email from Carrie Meyd- that the DC show was mocha sponsored. Thanks Carrie and Jackie for the mocha love!  Then I got another email that there is no DC show in August... well, it was tentative all along, and now it’s solidly in the Not Gonna Happen column...

But Carrie dug down deep into her soul, and came up with an awesome solution. Just transpose the sponsorship to another city that is happening.  The idea is brilliant in it’s simplicity.  The city?  Wait for it... wait for it.... New York City!  Oh yeah.  Thanks so much, Carrie and Jackie, your kindness is much appreciated.  So now 2 of 5 cities are covered.  Here’s the full run down of the final tour schedule for the Synthetic Division leg of Bella Morte’s tour:
August 26th Providence, RI @ Club Remi’s
August 27th Manchester, NH @ Milly’s Tavern
*August 28th Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (Upstairs)
*August 29th NYC @ The Delancey
August 31st Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
*mocha sponsored dates

It’s coming up so soon now.  Can’t believe it’s two weeks away.  The house is an arts and crafts studio now.  Still can’t forget to learn my own songs.... gotta remember that!

Positively Yours,