HIV medications get a lot of credit for my current health, which is good.  They deserve it for pulling me out of the shit basket a decade ago, when I was really sick... but you know what really keeps me going now?

Iced mochas. 

deckersdaily.jpgJust about every day I find a way to get my thinblooded hands wrapped around a tall glass of godliness.   And, like the hand that clasps that iced sugar rush and brings it towards my trembling lips, I can’t imagine my life without the drink.  They are so good.  I can’t stand it.  But lately, in these harsh economic times, I’ve been thinking: “These are really starting to add up.”

That’s where you come in.

I’ve spoken and written about my personal life for so long, but I’ve always kept one thing private: the extent of my love for coffee drinks.  On Decker’s Daily Coffee, I am going to post a picture every day that I make sweet love- er, drink- a coffee drink.
And not only am I inviting you into this world,  I am also offering you the distinct honor of treating me to a drink. 

So how does this work?  Simply PayPal $5 to


Yes, it’s that easy!  You can even pimp something if you’d like, just keep it down to a sentence and one link.  Who will see your name in the bright lights?  Me- and I’ll be very thankful.  Want to remain anonymous?  That’s cool too.  Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. 

"But Shawn, would you buy me a coffee drink?" 

The answer is no. 


Because... I have AIDS.  HIV meds are expensive. 


Are you not sponsoring me because I have AIDS?

“I have AIDS too!”   


So maybe I don’t know what you are thinking.  

And I’m sure there are many other variations of that conversation I could walk through.  Just know that I understand the ethical violations this solicitation presents.  I did a lot of soul searching before coming to the decision to launch Decker’s Daily Coffee because, until recently, a Depression was just something I slept through in 5th grade history class.

But now it’s real.  And I gotta hustle.  Because I gotta have my coffee. 

Positively Yours,

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