Have been feeling a bit under the weather since Saturday.  A little wispy cough finally turned into something, one of those nasal drip deals; bad in the morning because all night long your throat gets coated with snot.


The hardest part hasn’t been having to stay inside, it’s been my withdrawals from enjoying my daily iced mocha.  I thought AIDS was hard, but this is a nightmare.  How much can one kid take, God?  On top of that, I was just starting to get over my first “sex scandal” on Decker’s Daily when this photo was posted on June 18...

deckersdailysexscandal.jpgI think someone with the Pozarazzi took it.  Why would Poz magazine try to bring down Decker’s Daily?  I don’t know.  Never mind that I’m the only one with the password to upload pictures... or that coffee sponsorships have dried up, and the timing of this blog, cough and sex scandal are coinciding like a perfect storm to make you the reader vulnerable to sponsoring me for a comeback cup of coffee.

Pay no attention to that!

I plan to, one way or another, make it out today to get me an iced mocha.  Then, hopefully, I won’t be coughing by the evening when I’m supposed to rock out with Synthetic Division band practice.

Thank goodness for silly blog entries, Monday Night Raw, Kathy Griffin, Jon & Kate (I really thought Jon Stewart was going to be announced as the replacement “Jon” as the big surprise) and the Perez Hilton VS. Will.I.Am slugfest.  They all distracted me enough to allow me to forget about feeling under the weather!

Now, it’s off to bed.  Here’s to hoping I wake up feeling better than the last two mornings- er, afternoons.

Positively Yours,
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