There were really so many- too many to count! And I know I left a lot of precious moments off the list, including my P. Decker Fungi rendering of Andre the Giant.  But you can’t please everyone!

For the top Mocha Moment, I have to return to the Synthetic Division tour with Bella Morte. This isn’t a cheap ploy to move more units or inspire more downloads on iTunes.  Actually, this moment tops the list because it’s the only public Decker’s Daily event ever held. See, one of the tour stops was Philadelphia for the annual Dracula’s Ball. The only problem was that the promoter wanted Bella Morte to play, and not Synthetic Division. That’s completely understandable, since this was our first tour and the much more known Ego Likeness (great folks, great music!) got a spot on the bill.  They deserved it, they’ve been working their ass off for a very long time.

Of course, not being able to play the biggest show on the tour was a slight bummer. Turning lemons into lemon-aids, I decided to have an iced mocha party and just put it out there where I’d be and what time.  It was all very last minute, but I couldn’t have had a better crew turn out for the occasion- I got meet cyberpals Robert Breining (of and Bob Geise in person for the first and make new friends as well. To make things even sweeter, Josh and I picked up Gwenn at the train station, as we’d been on the road for about a week and then Gwenn joined us for the last few shows.

It was just the recharge I needed that weekend!

last-drop-philly.jpg Bob G. was one of my first mocha sponsors, it was a treat to treat him.
 last-drop-with-bob.jpgSo there you have it!  Cheers to all the good times in 2010, here’s to many more.

Positively Yours,

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