Yesterday was a huge milestone in my life—Decker’s Daily Coffee did what few other Watch-Me-Drink-Coffee sites have been able to do. It reached 100 episodes! Or 100 pictures, really.

And nearly daily, too!

I’m so excited to read the hundreds and hundreds of comments about what your favorite episode/picture has been thus far.  Just remember, all debates that erupt should remain civil.  You may think Shawn with the AIDS Bear is the best, while another person may argue that the suspense of Who Killed Shawn? carries the most artistic weight.

Me? My personal favorite has to be Shawn’s Great Grandfather’s Daily. It’s actually me, but the vintage feel of this photo in Episode 18 really raised the bar.  18 photos is usually when most Watch-Me-Drink-Coffee sites start to lose their steam, so it’s especially satisfying to know that this was the moment when Decker’s Daily really hit its stride.

To celebrate, I’m going to let you know about McDonald’s Mocha Mondays.  7 am until 7 pm on Mondays, you can get a free iced mocha. Hurry, this deal ends in August!  But don’t forget about your local coffee shops, hit McDonald’s up in addition.  Then you can see how much better the good stuff is.

Not into coffee?  Then enjoy this YouTube video... yes, I’m going crazy with the videos, but this has to be one of my all-time favorites.  I won’t even try to Rickroll you- what you are about to see is a video of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” combined with “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Mmmmmmm, never gonna give you up, iced mochas.

Positively Yours,