particpant-and-alien-by-ladybee.jpg(photo: Participant and Alien, taken by LadyBee at Burning Man in 1998)

Maybe I was looking up more info on MegaPython, but somehow I stumbled across this gem on the internet and I thought I’d share it.  It poses the question that all of us living with HIV have pondered at one time or another- did aliens give us AIDS?

It hits on all of the conspiracy theories, from population control to 9/11.  It ties it all together with a big red ribbon!  Here’s an excerpt in case you don’t want to bother with the whole two page read, which talks about how world leaders wanted to suppress the expansion of the population to keep us regular folks in line.
"...and then Roswell happens in 1947, a brand new bag of genetic material to experiment with. As an advanced race, I’m sure these aliens had a vaccine/cure for any disease they had. Now this covert/shadow government had new genetic material to experiment with."

I love sci-fi, so I enjoyed reading it on that level.  But imagine this- instead of our evil world leaders using genetic materials to destroy us, what if the advanced alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell because HIV had decimated their race?  I’m not so sure the aliens would have a vaccine/cure for any disease as the writer above surmised, because maybe the aliens are great at building awesome spacecrafts but suck at medicine.  Or wait, how awesome are their spacecrafts if they are crashing them in Roswell, of all places?

Anyway, this concludes my month of daily blogging.  I may or may not keep it going through February, but either way I like the idea of a daily challenge each month of the year in 2011.  Perhaps I’ll try to finish up a new song, or take my daily dose of Vitamin D since I’m deficient.  In any case, writing a blog entry for each day in January was a lot of fun. 

Hope you enjoyed reading them!

Positively Yours,

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