?doesn’t have the jolting affect that SHARK WEEK processes.

Although it does have something to do with bite or lack of, I’ll stop being so metaphorical in a second...LOL The fact is, last week sucked the big one. In three days flat, I met with a new therapist, a dentist, and my gastroenterologist, hence DOCTOR WEEK! Where do you want me to start, the bad news or the not-so bad news?

My new therapist; which is actually from an organization I have been visiting with for many years, Friends in Deed, a non-profit organization helping with AIDS/cancer/grief issues. (I know, I know?George [my long time therapist] I?ve haven?t forgotten about you.) All services are free at FID (Friends in Deed,) and during a recent group meeting its was suggested that I set up a one-one counseling section. I had heard a lot of great things about Eric Schneider, so I said why not, it free. I never had a conversation with him, but Eric freakily knew a lot about me. Maybe he recognized me from another life? Eric was very ?tough love? with me, we questioned ?So, why do have a problem with your ex-boyfriend? He was always a liar, even before you know him. What is your issue with him now? Get over it!? Eric scoffed at my unread Transitions book, and didn?t even want to see the photos of me before wasting took its toll on my face. His suggestion to me, was to write a ?goodbye letter? to ?my former life.? A creative project ? I LIFE for projects!!! By the why, that was the not-so bad news.

Day two, Project KYSS dental unit, is a free clinic for people with AIDS/HIV, with the silliest name. KYSS is just one component of the Center for Care, which is a New York State agency partially funded by the Rally White Foundation. KYSS is a great organization, they provide complete dental care (cleanings, x-rays, root canals, crowns, etc.) to those people either without dental insurance or those on Medicare (like myself) which doesn’t offer any type of dental coverage at all. But was they don’t offer is prosthodontist care, or special dentistry, which is what a large amount of people with AIDS are in need of. A brief history of my teeth: a year before I was diagnosed with liver disease, cavities started showing up around my 33 years old pristine cavity-less smile, three at a time?! My saliva glands won’t functioning, I was suffering from dry-mouth, with smoking pot...hee hee. Though closer inspection of my teeth, via x-rays, I was informed by the KYSS dentist and I have something like ?osteoporosis? of my jaw bone...hello Sally Field! My bite is so off it isn’t even funny. Eventually, I wouldn’t have enough bone to anchor a permanent crown. Dentures before I was 50...YIKES!? Its just a matter of time... If anyone knows a state with free prosthodontist care, lemme know. I’m going there.

Finally, the endoscopy administered by my gastroenterologist. (That’s the one where they put a mini-camera down your throat, rather than up the butt.) I’m on an ?excessive? about of beta blockers, or specially nadolol, according to my doctor. The procedure was to inspect the my intestinal veins to see if they are still as dilated. They sure where...damn! Well, I’m off both of the water pills, and eventually my liver will slowly regenerated. I still did a little investigating regarding beta blockers. They cause fatigue, specifically, beta blockers ?decrease nocturnal melatonin release??! If I visiting Hong Kong (12 hours ahead of NYC) I’d be fine!...ugh

You can see what I mean about last week causing a wee bit of distress. And on a totally different note, I am so over vampires! True Blood, Twilight, WHATEVAH! (Sorry Oriol and Shawn.) Vampire aren’t real, neither are angels, or gnomes, or a guy that lives under a bridge...fooey! (I do, however, believe in magical unicorns...hee hee.) But sharks are REALLY real, and I hope that ALL of them get AIDS. Who needs them? Screw the food chain!


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