Have you ever thought about what the internal monologue of a dog might look like? You’re not alone. The Internet meme Doge (the pronunciation is under debate, but we’ll go with “Dohj”) answers that question using an adorable Shiba Inu pup with a very limited and nonsensical vocabulary.

doge-sun-meme.jpgSince they went viral in 2012, images of Doge have led to a humorous butchering of the English language with phrases like “much happy” and “such sleepy.” The internal monologues are mostly in Comic Sans font, a popular font from the 1990s (especially among young teens rebelling against Times New Roman).

Although Doge often serves as just a way to save you from a case of the Mondays, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to enlist Doge for HIV/AIDS awareness. He has shown us that sometimes just a few simple words will do. So, in that spirit, repeat after us: Very HIV. Much AIDS. Need cure. Want now.

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doge-poz-cover.jpgTo learn more about Doge’s rise to stardom, click here.