So why be a part of an HIV testing campaign for the CDC when you are already positive? Let me tell ya!

For quite awhile now, I’ve been educating with my partner, Gwenn, about HIV. What it’s like living with HIV for me, and what it’s like for Gwenn, who is living with -and sleeping with - someone with HIV. I find both perspectives to be important in breaking down the stigma surrounding HIV. But at the center of what we do is a very simple fact...

We each know our HIV status.

Last year I made it to a personal milestone: thirty years of being diagnosed with HIV. I’ve lived through many eras of the epidemic, from the early days of no treatment, to the cocktail years - and the varied side effects that came with those lifesavers- to now. I take two pills a day, don’t experience any severe side effects and all things considered I lead a very healthy life. Of course, I can always do better, but that’s another blog post for another time.

I encourage HIV testing because, without the knowledge of having a positive result, you are risking not only your short-term health, but your long-term health as well. 

Hope this finds you well! To find a testing location near you, go here

Positively Yours,