FANTASTIC NEWS. The U.S. House appropriations committee this morning passed an amendment to the FY2014 Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Act that directs the DOJ to review state and federal criminalization statutes and make recommendations. It’s a long road to get through the entire Congress and made law, but an amazing and important milestone. Thank you Rep. Barbara Lee and so many who worked to make this happen, especially the members of the Sero criminalization survivors network who testified before PACHA and raised their awareness and concern, leading to passage of the resolution referenced in the amendment.

Here’s the text of what the House accepted this am:

Modernizing laws with respect to people living with HIV/AIDS. The Committee is aware of the position of the President’s Advisory Council on AIDS (PACHA) that current criminal laws require modernization, should be consistent with current medical and scientific knowledge and avoid imposition of unwarranted punishment based on health and disability status. The Committee directs the Attorney General, within 90 days following enactment of this Act, to initiate a review of Federal and State laws, policies, and regulations regarding criminal and related civil commitment cases involving people living with HIV/AIDS. The Committee further directs the Attorney General, no later than 180 days from initiating the review, to make best practice recommendations to ensure such policies do not place unique or additional burdens on individuals living with HIV/AIDS and reflect contemporary understanding of HIV transmission routes and associated benefits of treatment.