I got my friend back. The one who sent me that blind link to Stewie from the Family Guy... how did I do so? I “Rickrolled” him.

rick-astley.jpgWhat is Rickrolling? It’s telling somebody that a link leads to something they may find of interest, but instead they click and find themselves watching the video to Rick Astley’s late-80’s hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

This started on April Fool’s Day in 2008, when every video link on YouTube went to this song.

Need another example? Let’s say the subject of this blog was “Cure for AIDS Found!” And the only link posted on the blog went to this... you would have been the victim of an exceptionally harsh Rickrolling.

So how did I get my friend, who happens to be a new daddy? I posted on his Facebook page that I’d come across a Consumer Reports tutorial on stroller safety. As a good daddy, I knew he’d have to click. He got a face full of Astley. I like to think he got "Rickstrolled."

In a related item, there’s been a huge controversy in the selection of Rick Warren, “America’s Pastor!”, to give the Inaugural Prayer in Washington DC for Obama’s first day on the job. An article entitled “Rick Warren’s Double Life”, was recently posted over at The Daily Beast, and discusses Warren’s bad record when it comes to gay rights.


The most quotable line from Warren demands reposting here:

?Here?s an interesting thing: there are about 2% of Americans [who] are homosexual, gay, lesbian people. We should not let two percent of the population determine?to change a definition of marriage that has been supported by every single culture and every single religion for 5,000 years. This is not even just a Christian issue, it is a humanitarian and human issue, that God created marriage for the purpose of family, love and procreation. I urge you to support Proposition 8 and to pass that on.?

He gave this speech to 22,000 people on the eve of Obama’s big win in November.

I don’t think one can be “America’s Pastor” if they refuse to represent the interests and rights of 2 percent of the population, but the media and the new administration continue to saddle him with that title.

It’s basically another form of Rickrolling, really. And, just like the Rick Astley prank, all it takes is one click to figure out what’s really happening to you.

Positively Yours,


PS... gay guys, for nude photos of Brad Pitt, click here.

Straight guys? Nude photos of Eva Mendes are here. Ladies? Hot Rick Astley action right this way.