Prop 1 in Maine is a week away.  Let’s not lose this one like we lost Prop 8, by sitting back, hoping for the best, and only becoming active after the vote.

You can do something nowDonate online to No On 1 (I did, months ago).  If you can’t afford a donation, they have various ways to volunteer, including calling potential voters from your own phone (for those outside Maine, the Courage Campaign is organizing these national calls).  No On 1 is also providing free hotel space and car-pool options to those who join their ground campaign:

For the final long campaign weekend we’re going to give you a FREE place to stay in a local hotel if you can work at least two volunteer shifts.

All you need to do is drive or rideshare to Maine to help protect marriage equality. Our friends at Drive at Equality have made it easy to sign up on their website.

We’ve never been this close to victory -- but with the polls showing this race dead even, we can’t do it without your help. Can you take a short trip to make history?

It doesn’t matter if you have a car or not - when you sign up at the Drive for Equality website, just check a box on the form for a rideshare request to post on our interactive board.  You’ll join the dozens of volunteers who are coming to Maine to be a part of our Get Out The Vote team, and the thousands of Mainers who are volunteering to protect marriage equality here.

Every person who volunteers will fill a critical role on our team-- we need to talk to hundreds of thousands of Maine voters in the final days of the election and make sure they vote NO on 1 and protect our state’s marriage equality law.

Will you join us here and make a big difference?

No experience is required, and we’ll help you make the trip by providing your housing and by helping to match drivers with riders. If you are traveling as a group, or in a carpool, we will try to match you in a shared room with your group. All that we ask is ALL participants sign up at the Drive for Equality website.

You can help us defeat Question 1 and protect marriage equality in Maine. In just 7 days, voters in Maine will choose the direction of the national marriage equality movement.

The polls are close, but we can win if we have enough volunteers to turn out all our voters. You can make the biggest difference by driving (or riding in a carpool) to Maine for all or any part of GOTV from Friday the 30th through Election Day on the 3rd.

Sign up to Drive for Equality to Maine. Your short trip will make a big difference.

Darlene Huntress
Field Director
NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

P.S.-- Can’t make it to Maine but want to help from home? Join Call for Equality, our virtual phone bank program, and help contact voters from your home or office. All you need is a phone and an internet connection to make a difference. Sign up here:

If you need a little extra push to get involved, join the half a million people who have been inspired by Philip...