So the trip to Dragon*Con -which I’ll be blogging about more tomorrow- cost me my Top 5 spot in the AIDS Walk Washington DC standings.  Since I wasn’t out there hustling for donations, some other guy came in and knocked me out of the top five by about $300...

I’m not sure how far I’ve fallen, since they don’t list the ranks outside of the big Top 5, an elite club to which I no longer belong.  What I do know is that this stings.  Almost as bad as being told I had HIV at the tender age of 11.  Being “kicked out” of the Top 5 feels like being kicked out of school for having HIV all over again.

If that moves you, donate $5 and help me climb back up to where I belong, in the Top 5. 

To remember the good times on top, I’ve been staring at this screen shot I took last week.  For the purpose of the blog and your viewing pleasure I have enhanced the image in Photoshop with Outer Glow (my favorite effect) and that happy day of coffee when I learned Gwenn and I were Top 5...


No, no, I haven’t given up.  I’m going to rise again!

Positively Yours,


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