Yesterday, Gwenn woke me up- she’d been awake for hours, sick. We took her to Outpatient Care to get answers fast without waiting around. Since it’s not her blog, I’ll just say she was having stomach issues.

gwennsick.jpgIn the couple of hours that we were there, I started to feel funny. I thought I was just nervous for Gwenn, seeing her hooked up to an IV for fluids, and knowing how much she hates needles.  I’m much better at being the ill one, that’s for sure.  On the way home, we stopped at Rite Aid (they keep condoms out in the open!) and got the prescriptions filled for anti-nausea medication.  On the way home, we hit every red light.

Gwenn was exhausted and just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep.  I tried every shortcut, but none of my attempts to get us home while driving the speed limit helped.  Finally, we made it.  I could barely get my shoes off in time- I ran to the bathroom and threw up.  Then threw down.  This was more than empathy sickness.  After five hours of napping in between bathroom visits, I was okay.  Gwenn, she just slept and slept and slept.

“Are you alive?”  I texted to no response.

We watched TV together for a few hours around midnight, then went back to bed.  That was our Tuesday.  (Apparently Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode had a similar experience that day.)

Today, we laid around some more.  

Our AIDS Walk team, Supersnack, is hosting a fundraiser in Brooklyn to kick off fundraising efforts for the October 3 AIDS Walk Washington. We won’t be able to attend (not because of the sick days), but what’s cool is that you don’t have to be in Brooklyn to support the team, either. Ingeniously, our team captain is also kicking off Saturday with the first annual “Supersnack: Nap for the Cure”.

The way it works is, Gwenn and I pledge to take a nap this Saturday May 16th, and you pledge to sponsor our nap for $25. We feel good about fighting AIDS while sleeping, you feel good about encouraging our slothful side... And, of course, we raise money to help positoids in the DC area. I think I’m going to bed now, to make sure I’m in proper napping shape for Saturday.

The last two days have guaranteed that we are serious about our napping.  Fortunately we are both on the mend, and so neither of our naps will be in a hospital environment.

Positively Yours,

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