Over on Twitter I saw a post from One Condoms about a roadside hacking incident.  I know it’s not legal, but I find the thought of seeing “Zombies Ahead!” flashing on a traffic alert sign very funny. It would make my month if that ever happened.  The hacked sign message that One linked to, however, was even cooler than zombies...

condom-roadsign.jpgNow that’s driving the point home, eh?

case-for-sign.jpgI’m about to hop in the car for about a week.  It’s going to be filled with Synthetic Division t-shirts that few will buy, CDs that will most likely be returned to my closet once I get back home, and a big, awesome neon sign that has a really cool case now- much better than the cardboard box I used to lug it around in.  But the one item that won’t be coming back home with me?  The free condoms.  Last year, Josh and I gave out hundreds of condoms.  Shows are such an unexpected place for people to have access to free condoms, and the connection really works.  I’m more than happy to combine my educational work with my passion for music- it’s all me, and the thought of someone having a safe sexual encounter thanks to Synthetic Division is music to my ears.

Positively Yours,