Was in Target tonight, and found a jacket on the ladies discount rack: I immediately thought of Bono from the early 1990’s, and am thinking he might make a good Halloween costume?


Shawno as Bono for Halloween 2008?

These were sunglasses Gwenn happened to have in her purse. I’d need a wig and someone to go as my wingman for the evening, The Edge. Oh yeah, I’d need somewhere to go on Halloween night as well, since I’m thinking Early 90’s Bono might scare off the trick or treaters.

Maybe dressing up as Early 90’s Bono is a plan better suited for Bella Morte’s CD Release party on October 4? Synthetic Division landed the opening slot, and I’d love nothing more than to steal Bella’s hard-earned thunder as “The Fly”, channeling Bono in his classic frontman prime.

Look out Andy Deane: don’t say you haven’t been warned.

As for simmering feuds with friends, no updates on the Erin Weed front, though she did appear on the NYC Weekend Today show. On the way to the program, she fended off the attack of a random stranger... Can you imagine that poor luck jackass? Of all the people he grabs, he chooses someone who has taken classes on how to hurt people the right way.

myspacebellaCD.jpgI’m waiting to hear back from my hematologist about whether I should be in one of Erin’s videos. If I get the green light, I’ll run it by the National Hemophilia Foundation. If they say it’s cool, I’m totally going to whoop Erin’s butt.

Maybe I’ll dress up as Early 1990’s Bono to surprise her?

Positively Yours,