In my memoir, My Pet Virus, I wrote a bit about my buddies in Bella Morte and how they played Earth Angel at me and Gwenn’s wedding. Well, they’ve finally added the song to their MySpace profile, so go give it a listen!

Every once in awhile my Google Alert catches a real gem in regards to my book. While I’ve been pretty fortunate with favorable reviews (Kirkus, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly), apparently I couldn’t cut the mustard in the eyes of a young man from the Utah Daily Chronicle. Here’s what presumably young Christopher Wallace (no relation to the Notorious B.I.G.) wrote: “My Pet Virus is an interesting story told by a mediocre storyteller.” Everything else in the review is great! I just picked that sentence to share because I found it horrifyingly entertaining. I’ve started picking a scab on my hand as a result, which I’ve named after that kid in Utah. Another funny posting I came upon was at a site called Looks like Generation WWW’s post here about everything, and someone posted about my book. Here’s the exchange: SUBJECT: My Pet Virus Greeneyedone: Anyone read this book? Is it good? longlegedbabe: no how the author??? xbeautifultragedy: Author? hooray_for_rootbeer: I just looked it up and I’m skimming over the summary. It seems kind of cool, but I don’t think I’d ever read it. Nessaaa: no anything with “pet” and “virus” in the title is no interest to me X Reptar X: Sounds stupid. Mkii? Heart 92: What kind of books? That is an interesting website thread, told by mediocre website thread posters. Positively, Shawn