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To End HIV We Must End Racist Systems

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What does HIV have to do with racism? HIV is a virus, affecting all races....

July 12, 2020 Idaho


Disappointed to read these platitude laced statements. We need concrete ideas.

June 2, 2020


It's time for white people to do some serious soul searching and stand up against racism. The legal system is not an equal and just system. If you are unable to see the blatant injustices for those with black and brown skin you are not opening your eyes wide enough. You're blissfully squinting through life living in a fairytale. Open up your eyes, see it, say it, and fight it.

June 2, 2020 Nashville

Faan Kruger

What an utter lot of hogwash and typical left wing propaganda. Please do not try and force this nonsense down on us under the umbrella of HIV. Let the judicial system takes its course and deal with the murder of Floyd. What I see on Youtube regarding the disrespect for police and law and even brutal attacks and threat of life, explains why police are very jumpy and tend to overreact. Liberals teach disrespect for law and the end result terrible

June 2, 2020 South Africa


Will never happen at least the gay society have many many options try being a straight white guy your a minority in a minority

June 2, 2020 Uk


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