World AIDS Day has been plagued by boring themes for years. If you don’t believe me, check out the list below.

2007 - Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise - Leadership
2006 - Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise - Accountability
2005 - Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise
2004 - Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS
2003 - Stigma & Discrimination
2002 - Stigma & Discrimination
2001 - I care. Do you?
2000 - AIDS : Men make a difference

There were more, but I wanted you to keep reading.

Now I’m throwing my jimmyhat into the ring, so Keep The Promise needs to move over for...

I don’t have millions of bucks to promote this, just a little jpeg and a catchy name with one statistic. That’s it. It will only be heard of if you help.

You Can:
1. use the image as your profile icon
2. email the image to friends, reminding them that World AIDS Day is on December 1. (Friends love these kinds of emails. Really.)
3. post the image on your social networking profile through December 2.

To get the image, follow the directions below. And remember, this epidemic has put too many positoids in a box, I say it’s time that we all return the favor.

Positively Yours,

Here’s how - First click inside the text box below the image,

Hit Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+C to copy it,

Then paste it in your myspace profile by hitting Ctrl+V