The Red Ribbon Army has called attention to a group on Facebook called “From HIV Positive to HIV Negative” in the hopes of having it removed from the social networking site.  In order to help do so, click on the group’s page, scroll down to the bottom left and click “Report Group”. Check the “Scam” box.

Why draw attention to this?  Why pick on a bunch of self-starters just trying to make it in the world?  Isn’t it their right in a soon-to-be capitalistic world to offer an alternative to big pharma?  Well, it’s all in the packaging.  I have no problems with alternative therapy or thinking, but when you claim to cure HIV, that is an issue. 

Make no mistake- these claims are very dangerous. It’s snake oil. It’s preying on the desperate. To defend this group, as some have, is asinine. People who go for this juice and believe in it are less likely to seek out actual medical care. There’s a big difference. And telling someone who is HIV positive that there are HIV negative makes it way less likely that person will use protection when they engage in sexual activity.  HIV is preventable- not curable at this particular moment in time.  Anything that takes away our power to pursue the former is a problem with me, and I’m not open to discussion about the merits of idiots and thieves who claim they can cure HIV with a juice box. They are in it for money, not to help people.

And they can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

To help shut down this group, re-read the beginning of this post and follow the instructions.

Positively Yours,

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