Last month I wrote a blog entry about the “From HIV Positive to HIV Negative” Facebook group that is claiming to cure HIV with a juice called “”Ngcolosi Magic" (UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI).  It must work if the name is in all caps, that’s gotta be the thinking there.

Anyway, the group is still on Facebook despite hundreds of reports of “Fraud” to Facebook over the last month.  I had a pretty humorous encounter with supporters of the juice on my own Facebook page, from a couple of people who added me immediately after The Red Ribbon Army reposted my blog entry.  I was attacked for calling the fake cure a fraud, and was told by one of them to “go fornicate” with my pharmaceutical sponsors.


Since I’d been “Friended” by the two on Facebook, a term that is gradually losing it’s meaning in cyberspace, I went to one of their pages to see what was up. My blog had been reposted, along with dismissive comments about how me and my wife fly all over the world promoting ARV use- apparently I have a very cush life thanks to big daddy pharma.  One of the posters on my page posted, “I even friended him so I could write on his Wall!”

Brilliant plan.

I posted that I do not, nor will I ever have a pharmaceutical sponsor.  I educate on safe sex and condom use.  Yes, I do talk about my journey with HIV medications, of which I am thankful for turning my health around in 1999. But I also talk about the side effects.  “Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t touch me with a 10-foot penis wrapped in a condom” is how I explained it to them.  Of course, if a pharma did offer an opportunity to speak to more people about safer sex, I’d jump in bed and begin the fornication process.  But as of now?  I’ve never received a dime from pharmaceutical companies. 

Regarding my new “Friends” on Facebook, eventually, due to excessive caps use (“LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) and a misrepresentation of what I do, I had to defriend them.  One of the folks behind the magic juice is Joachim Kim Cools, not to be confused with Kim Coles who is often confused with Kim Fields of “Tootie” fame from the Facts of Life.  The first line on his “About Me” section on his profile is “We help HIV positive people become HIV negative here in South Africa...”

I think Joachim was really pissed that I’d written that, by offering a cure for HIV, that it was tantamount to manslaughter.  Meaning, someone with a compromised immune system, thinking they are cured, gets sick with something else but doesn’t seek treatment because they are “healed”.  Or thinks they can stop using condoms because they are virus free.  If they were offering their juice as a natural remedy, or some sort of supplement, then whatever... BUT THEY SAY: “From HIV Positive to HIV Negative”, over and over again.

And that is my problem.

Just before Christmas, I got a message from Joachim Kim Cools on Facebook:

to: Shawn Decker

You failed to consult with us prior to publishing your bias text.  You have spread lies about our organisation (to protect your income or in total ignorance) and as a consequence you have been added on our list of public enemies, facilitators of genocide for personal gain.

I wrote back: “Happy holidays to you as well.”

He responded:

Thanks, but my whole life is a holiday or a hobbyday.
Am not a slave, as i deal with real life and real solutions.
No need for paying debt of any kind.
Enjoy pagan day :)

That last line actually made me laugh at my computer, and the smiley face emoticon was admittedly a very nice touch.  To counter, I’m putting Joachim in my Tool Academy.  But all kidding aside, this isn’t a laughing matter.  There’s been so much talk of cures lately, but there is nothing tangible yet.  From Magic Johnson to Magic Juice (AMALANMGA NAMABJFAFALONINOMOG) to experimental and deadly bone marrow transplants, we still have nothing.  For those who have HIV and next to nothing, we can’t forget how desperate people often fail to see through the facade when they are being manipulated or duped into a false sense of security.  Because where there is desperation there is often someone there waiting to take advantage.

And those, unfortunately, are just the facts of life.

Positively Yours,

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