The number of pre-orders for my CD and the other fun items has really surprised me- thanks to all who have ordered. It really means a lot to have my very limited expectations far surpassed, and my already very high excitement levels about the tour rising higher still.

It’s completely cheesy, but it’s so cool to think about the two weeks of touring ahead and feel the same butterflies I felt when I was in a van with my best friend, my aunt and my parents on the way to see Depeche Mode in concert for the first time, forcing them all to listen to the cassette tapes over and over again as I clutched my Personal Jesus album, which would soon be signed.

When I think about clutching the steering and driving at 3 am to get to the next city on this upcoming tour, I get that same feeling: just unabashed, boyish joy.  I’m making a mix CD of my favorite Depeche Mode songs, which I’ll be torturing my bandmate with on the drives. (Liking the Mode is a requirement to be associated with Synthetic Division.)
Having been an active patient most of my life, I gotta say that filling these pre-orders for the new CD, which has included writing these fake prescriptions, has been fun too.  It’s nice to be on the other end of that doctor/patient dynamic, even if the only thing that I am prescribing are a few buttons and perhaps a laugh.  Oh- if your doctor ever enters the room wearing a Miami Vice blazer, be very scared. (The items will ship on May 8 unless there’s an unforeseen delay in manufacturing.)

The entire weekend was chock full of awesomeness, including the incredible Masquerade on the Mall Gala for the Whitman-Walker Clinic, of which I’ll be writing more about in a couple of days when all the cool pictures are available.  Till then, I hope to fill more prescriptions, and if you live in the Philadelphia area, make sure that Saturday, May 15th (late afternoon, 5-ish) stays open...

Details to come!

Positively Yours,
Dr. Shawn T. Decker

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