Got a message from my friends at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation about an upcoming film about young people and how they deal with HIV.  Filming will begin in 3 weeks, so if you’re interested in participating then fill out the Contact Form on my website and I’ll forward your information along.

You must be:
  • in your late teens or early 20’s
  • willing to go public with your HIV status
  • willing to participate in a hot dog eating contest...
Okay, the last bullet point I made up.

The filmmaker explained to me that the main goal of the project is to show that young people with HIV lead full and constructive lives, show how they integrate the issue of protection into their sexual lives and also convey the (emotional) transition into adulthood.  Sounds interesting, right?  The MTV Staying Alive Foundation has put out such great programming about youth and HIV issues over the last ten years, I’m so happy that they continue to show that those of us with HIV are just regular people with regular human emotions. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead of ’em.  Don’t eat too many hot dogs.

Positively Yours,

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