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Five Things I Learned Aboard the HIV Cruise Retreat

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POZ Staff

valjack - Please contact the cruise company directly for more info:

April 30, 2018


POZ, Realize this is an old thread but will ask anyway. The Heterosexual POZ Cruise Retreats .....are they still happening? I am a LTS and always wanted to go on the cruise but was a caregiver to my parents and was unable to free up time. I see there is a POZ cruise but is it the gay cruise? Have they combined the Heterosexaul and Gay cruises? Very interested in going to one. Please let me know! Thank you!

April 29, 2018 United States


Wouldn't mind a attending a cruise like this. I am straight but if there are women to meet I would definitely be interested.

October 14, 2016


I want to take this cruise!! Is there any HIV+ Straight men that go to this cruise?? And if not..Why the hell NOT??

June 7, 2016 Boston, MA


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