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I hope it's just related to the initial rush. But..... For those watching or reading of the interviews of Palin by Charlie Gibson who can see how under-acquainted she is with current and past policies and issues, there will be an equal (hopefully not greater) number who think she dresses nicely, is pretty (or, hot), represents the boys and girls in mixed gym class, and so on. The latter is the group that Jay Leno often interviews in Jay Walking---folks who are surprisingly often college graduates and don't know the VP's name is Dick Cheney. I've seen a couple who cannot come up with Bush's name, the current Bush, that is. It's scary. This piece was clever and uplifting. The Office Meets Opera --at least that's how it strikes me. But, most people wouldn't get it, hard to hear the lyrics, too, hence, it is still a fight to be fought. This sort of thing buoys those who a best suited to lead the charge at a logical level. We still have to try get to those who can't get past the fact that he's black and concentrate mostly on those who are okay with that but don't understand what is at stake at an international level. We are in need of a huge influx of new ideas and new friendships as fast as we can get them into play. I'm pleased to be seeing more and more Obama signs and stickers in my city, on my street. I'm thrilled, but I'm a realist. All of us have been duped at one time or another by someone or some corporation. Marketing is marketing and that's what the last precious weeks are all about. Whose hamburger are you gonna buy? Heck, I just learned that the "special" Hills anti-crystal-formation-in-the-urinary-tract cat food I have been buying from my kind-hearted, allegedly learned vets is supplied to them free (so all I pay is profit to the vet) as a loss leader to be profited from at stores like Petco that sell their brand (the brand that the consumer first became acquainted with through their profiting vet). The food, I learned this week, is nutritionally deficient and causes felines to be dehydrated. I've been feeding this crap to the cat for five years believing I was doing the right thing by believing the vets. Wrong. It was marketed to me as the right thing to do and I didn't do the due diligence. Didn't think you had to go see if your vet was telling you the truth about Mr. Meow or Barky? Good golly. Think again. I'm looking at the cat in recent days like I should author an apology in paw print font and give him whatever meat he wants to eat for several days running. Poor little obligate carnivore. He relies on me! And I'm another case of double dumb. I didn't know that I didn't know. That was last week. Things have changed in the cat department. I know I don't want to see the Republican party make it into the White House. Very plain. Very simple. And, I'm willing to openly, actively support O'Bama because of HIV, because of GLBT issues and protractedly clung to travel bans, because of a war that must end, an economic tailspin, crappy educational system, job losses, homes losses, no cohesive energy policies and management, corruption, greed, good ole boys and their brides and no one other than a white male has ever held the position of president and I don't want to be in a country that is afraid to elect someone on the basis of skin color. That is so ignorant, so devoid of thinking, it is embarrassing and frightening--we can't continue to hope to play let alone survive in an international sandbox without letting the very diversity we have the audacity to boast about filter as the cream it can be to the very top. We must. We are overdue for deceny and democracy. May it be Democratically led this time 'round.

September 12, 2008


peter.... I think it's just the initial rush of having someone new on the ticket. I think once people see that she is, after all is said and done, nothing but lipstick on a pig, it will be back to the issues and our friend obama will triumph. robert

September 12, 2008


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