So I posted a few weeks ago about WNRN’s Subculture Shock countdown of best songs of 2010. One of my songs, “Symptom of Life”, made the list and I asked you to give it a listen and vote if you liked the music. Well, the song came in at #5 on the Top 25 countdown!

andy-deane-you-can-do-it.jpgPretty sweet- thank you very much for taking the time to vote.  A huge thanks to Subculture Shock for playing my music for ten years now, wow.

A very big congrats to Ego Likeness on coming in at number 1. As I mentioned previously, they worked very hard last year and put out a brilliant new album, Breedless. Another familiar face came in at #3, The Rain Within, which is the solo project of Andy Deane (pictured here plugging my book on local access TV, no joke!) of Bella Morte. I loved his Rain debut, especially the track that made #3 “Long Way Home”, it reminds me of the synthier Bella Morte that got me hooked on the local music scene and inspired me to write better myself than I’d previously been able to.

I owe Andy a great deal of thanks for recording A Symptom of Life, he even did a dance remix of the song which is included on the Symptom of Life EP, and called it “The Negatoid Mix”- brilliant!  I’m sharing Andy’s remix here as a free download. (Just hover over the downward pointing arrow to download.) 

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