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From Baptist Minister To AIDS Activist, From Renegade To Leader

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One gripe about the Governor's HIV task force... NY is way behind other states in normalizing HIV testing because of lobbying by ASOs and so-called activists. We remain one of the last holdouts with an 80s style HIV testing law that does everything possible to discourage HIV testing. The wasteful war on "stigma" has taken precedence over 1) Testing barrier removal, 2) Retention in HIV care, 3) PreP, 4) HIV education messaging focused on effectively targeting neg people rather than predominantly designed to please Poz people.

January 31, 2015

Reggie Dunbar II

Thanks for advocating your calling to assist with the most needed area outside of direct medical area. As so noted "Housing is Healthcare". The Veterans Administration needs to focus in housing for hiv-aids veterans.

January 27, 2015

Robin Webb

Great article, Peter! I am fortunate enough to have witnessed a chunk of crazy-phase Charles, not only in our cross-country travels, but especially here in Mississippi. In 2005, I pleaded with Charles to come help us in Mississippi. I had no idea what I was asking for! Housing Works and Charles energized HIV survivors in Mississippi in ways that could have never been done otherwise. HIV, homelessness, housing soon became hot topics of public dialogue in the Deep South. Mississippi began having annual advocacy training weekends for HIV survivors from all over the South. With a team of about a dozen, Charles joined us walking from Jackson to Oxford, Mississippi, about 222 miles, 10 days, to the 2008 Obama/McCain debate. Carrying our END AIDS banner high, the full distance, we sang, shared stories, chanted, marched, laughed and pushed ourselves to the limit. Charles, you are forever in my heart. So are you, Peter. Thanks for this article.

January 22, 2015


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