The New York Giants did it!

I probably lost some t-cells over that game, watching Giants slip in the endzone, drop footballs, flip them into Patriots open arms. But all the while they hung in there. Plus, Eli Manning is engaged to his college sweatheart, and Tom Brady- who chickened out on getting his legs lopped off- is dating Giselle Budngendkingsinton.


Now on to the next underdog: Barack Obama. I’m not sure if he’s actually an underdog at this point, but I do hope he fairs as well as the Giants did tomorrow.

Before I go on, I have to say I’m not a Hillary hater. And I do have a fondness for the Clinton presidency. I wasn’t following politics too closely when Bill took office- I was 17- but five years later I was stunned to find my way into the White House on World AIDS Day, 2007.

Along with a handful of teen HIV/AIDS educators, most had started groups at their high schools, I met then AIDS Czar Sandra Thurman and Vice President Al Gore through the White House’s Office on AIDS. At 22, I was the oldest guest there, and the only positoid, and I’d hardly scratched the surface of my educational work at that point.

Still, just being invited into the White House validated my desire to change attitudes about those living with HIV. Being thanked by my government for my role in the fight against AIDS... those were the days.

That trip to DC was an important moment. My adult life was really beginning to take form, ten years after the 1987 diagnosis that was supposed to kill me before I could drive.

Having written that, I stand by my feeling that this country can be run by more than two families. Since 1980, a Bush or Clinton has been in the White House, for better or worse. I think, for lack of a better word, it’s time for a change.

Barack Obama, he’s my Manning in the game. And I hope he goes all the way.

Positively Yours,