All the symptoms are presenting themselves: an audacity of excessive hope, an accute deficiency of cynicism and unexplainable waves of enthusiasm.

Yes, I know if he is elected he’ll have to endure the worst first-possibly-only-term a president could have. It’s there for whoever wins, because you can’t clean up a junkyard- or even try to- and come out smelling like roses. Sure, it sucks that the only antidote for Obamania is an Obama presidency.

Oh well, I’ll still take that medicine.


What do Hulk Hogan and I have in common? 24-inch pythons and a case of Obamania.

Speaking of medicine, I’m going in for labwork on Monday to see if my viral load is undetectable after a week on meds. (New readers: I take my HIV meds for one week, then go off for a week.) At last check, my t-cells were close to 700: the highest they’ve been in 20 years (GREAT NEWS!), But my viral load was detectable.

Those labs were taken at the tail end of a week off meds. It’s one of the few times in eight years on meds that the VL has been detectable. I’m not worried, since it was such a low blip. Doesn’t mean I’m in any imminent danger, at worst it means that if repeated tests show an increase in viral load, then I may have to switch meds.

I doubt that will happen.

What I am curious about is finding out how Obamania has affected those rising t-cells.

Positively Yours,


PS... the issues are what matters, find out which candidate agrees with you, and then vote for them.