To compete in the Miss Virginia pageant, you have to win a local title first. The new Miss Virginia entered this year’s competition as the reigning Miss Arlington.

Miss Arlington is run by a very cool group of folks, whom are affectionately dubbed “The Arlington Boys”. I remember meeting “The Boys” in 1999, when I went to my first Miss Virginia to watch Gwenn compete. In 2006, they had their first girl win the big crown (referenced as “HugGate”, jokingly, in previous post), but that was kind of expected since Adrianna Sgarlata was a huge frontrunner.

This year was different- if Miss Arlington was going to triumph, she was going to have to dig in her heels and take the crown. And that’s what Tara did. And when the smoke settled, and there were two girls left standing, the Arlington Boys were a powder keg waiting to explode...

Check out the moment from their perspective, forward to :50.