My love affair with OTM intervenes this weekend via a show I somehow missed: “Blame It On the Alcohol.” It caught my attention especially because I just this week finally got around to listening to Bulletproof Radio’s interview with Dry Farm Wines founder Todd White. (Episode #294, if you’re interested. “Biohacking Wine: Sulfites, Sugar and Dosing.”)

Dubbed by the late 20th century philosopher H.J. Simpson “the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems,” alcohol, like water and oxygen, can be both life sustaining and poisonous. It’s all a question of dose.

Included in one of my fave, can’t-live-without WNYC investigative news team’s fifty-one minute exploration are interviews with Iain Gately, author of Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol, on the ancient origins of core beliefs about booze; Gabrielle Glaser, author of Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink - And How They Can Regain Control, on among other things her quibbles with AA; and David Nutt, psychologist at Imperial College London, on his new alcohol substitute. So long resveratrol. Nutt’s "alcosynth" might get you the cannabidiol like disinhibitive buzz of booze without those nasty, over-hyped, anti-aging polyphenols. Have a listen.