OK, I tried to protect the anonymity of my Mom’s recent health scare. But everything has turned out fine and now I’m blowing the lid off things. Hopefully she won’t sue me for blogging about this.

For quite awhile, Mom, the toughest person I’ve ever known, has had abdominal discomfort. There was a fear of pancreatic cancer, but last week she had an operation to relieve pressure and everything looked better than expected. So the Deckers dodged a medical bullet.

Her recovery has been incredible, she just got home, not even a week after the surgery. Gwenn and I went to see her, and it was like seeing a Moonshine version of Mom. She was telling the same stories, but was slurring her words. I thought if I spoke more than usual, which is very little (hey, I’m a writer!), then she’d save energy. But she nodded off on me a couple of times, even slept through a Ghostriding story on CNN. (FACT: Ghostriding is when people ride on the hoods of their cars with no one driving. Mom nodded her approval when I told her my desire to be a full-time Ghostrider.)

Since the book has come out, so many people have written kind things about Mom. So I thought this would be a good time to send some of that love and admiration her way, when she needs it.

If you’d like to send her a get well email, just drop her a note here: getwellmom@mypetvirus.com I know she’d love to hear from ya. Or you can post a comment here, of course. I’ll keep the email active for a week.

Positively Yours,