Remember the lively community discussion concerning Roger England’s article criticizing UNAIDS several years ago?  David Egilman, Tess Bird, Fernando Mora and Nicholas Druar have just published an editorial "The “Perverse” Effects of Aid:  Addressing the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health, Promoting Sustainable Primary Care, and Rethinking Global Health Aid"

Despite the long title, the editorial is easy to read and provides a helpful backdrop to the ongoing debate over the best approach to global health issues, including HIV/AIDS. 

The editorial starts with a startling statement: “There are Haitians who see a positive HIV test as the easiest--and often the most straightforward--path to survival.”

I strongly recommend reading the editorial and I especially hope it gets read by all those who felt strongly about England’s article a few years back.  My thanks to Joseph Sonnabend, MD, for bringing it to my attention.