While most were out celebrating with family and friends, I was home alone celebrating in my own little way. I was being grateful. I had plenty of reason to be. When 2010 came in, I was living in a women’s shelter and on the verge of having a major meltdown. But I can also say that I was blessed as well. In May of 2010 was when the blessings began with me finding my apartment. Another was when I was left money from my mother’s will which made it possible for me to furnish my apartment. It’s still uncanny to me how both those things happened around the same time. Even more grateful that my health has been holding up pretty well considering that I am still trying to network to find a doctor.The romance part of my life still sucks, but that’s even ok. At this point in my life, I feel like I need to upgrade. No, not upgrade my choice of men but myself. So, all in all, I can’t say that 2010 didn’t treat me well. It was the year of reclaiming my independence.

It’s 2011, what are my plans? As I said before, I am going to take the time to upgrade me. I already know it’s going to be a work in progress. I will continue to reach my goal of getting my hearing aids. I already have appointments lined up for that this month. Once I get that taken care of, I would like to either find a job or get some type of training. I want to get out of the rut of being in the house day in and day out. As much as I like to help others when I can, I am going to start putting myself first. I think in a way, this has kind of held me back in some things. I just feel the urge for change in my life. It’s like I am craving it. Knowing that when I accomplish these goals I have set for myself, I will be a much happier person.

I spent 2010, licking my wounds and picking up the pieces of my heart from a bad relationship. The trade was getting an apartment and regaining my independence. I am dedicating 2011 to myself. It will be the year of upgrading Michelle. I know I have earned it. I sure as hell deserve it. More than anything, I owe it to myself.