Friend and HIV/AIDS advocate Ethan Zohn was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and just got some bad news that the cancer has returned.  He’ll be starting on a new round of intensive stem cell treatment...

I’d blogged about him recently, he’s such an ally to the community and just a very cool guy.  Not many people would win a million dollars on Survivor and then turn around and start a foundation to prevent the spread of HIV in Africa with the money.  When he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, he went public with what that meant, and encouraged others to pick up on the warning signs... once again advocating only, sadly, this time from a first person account.

For this, and many reasons, Ethan Zohn has been nominated for GQ’s Better Man award.  All the nominees have done great stuff, really.  But Ethan’s my guy.  I hope you consider voting for him, and please keep him in your thoughts.

Positively Yours,

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